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Vaping Etiquettes

Vaping Etiquettes: Unspoken Rules Every Vaper Should Know

So you’ve just brought a $100 vape kit and the Fantasi Orange e-liquid, now it’s time to load up, go out into the world and show those big clouds to everyone, everywhere! After all, it’s not tobacco so it’s golden, right?

Not really. There are a few unspoken rules you need to follow when vaping in public. Whether you are new to the trend or a vaping veteran, memorise these etiquettes to make sure you don’t offend anyone.

Don’t Vape Where You Wouldn’t Smoke

The vapour is odourless, even if it does smell it is nice and it dissipates fast. Even through non-vapers may be appreciative of the lack of toxins in vapours it doesn’t mean they prefer being engulfed in a thick cloud of strawberry mint.

This goes for malls, movie theatres, restaurants and practically all other public places.

Don’t Vape In Enclosed Spaces

You want to blow that thick cloud and look at yourself doing it in the mirror every once in a while, don’t we all?

The elevator seems like the perfect place to do that on the go and check out the reflection upfront, don’t do it though. It is an enclosed space and other people sharing the elevator may simply be ticked off. When you are in an enclosed space, with or without people, avoid vaping.

Don’t Blow Vapours Into People’s Faces

Even your vaper friends will often find this rude and disrespectful. Just avoid engulfing other people into your thick clouds of vapours. Instead, blow straight up towards the sky or around you when no one’s standing close.

Don’t Cloud Chase In Public

Blowing big is something every vaper wants. You want chase clouds as big as they can get and let’s face it, it’s fun and it’s exciting becoming a human fog machine.

By all means, do it at the comfort of your home or some vaping event. Just avoid doing it in public spaces like restaurants or enclosed spaces like elevators.

Ask For Permission Before Using Another Person’s Vape Kit

If you are going to be using your friend’s vaporiser, it is impolite to just pick it up and start blowing clouds without their permission. Ask first or let them know that you are about to do it.

Stick to these vaping etiquettes and you will notice that people are more accepting of your switch to vaping. Explore our collection for the best vape juice flavors online. We also stock the Fantasi Ice e-liquid.

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