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Using E-Juice For The First Time? Here’s What You Need To Know

Due to the popularity of vape pens a staggering amount of people are quitting smoking and have started using vapes instead. The reason why so many people have shifted from conventional cigarettes to vape pens is because of the undeniable scientific consensus that proves that vape pens are much safer than normal cigarettes.

At the same time these vape pens are not as easy to use in comparison to cigarettes as these little pens are intricate devices that have an array of mechanical components that power the device.

Many people often have a lot of trouble using these devices which is exactly why we at Vapoholic have compiled a list of different factors that everyone should take into perspective before investing in a vape pen.

How Is Vapor Actually Made?

Vapor is produced through a coil that is constructed using a wire coil that is covered by a cotton wick, this cotton absorbs the e-liquid and the coil connects the tank to the vape battery.

When the vape pen is engaged a current runs through the coil that heats the wire which vaporizes the e-liquid.

Which Vape Is The Best For You?

There are thousands of different vape pens out there and each is unique in its own perspective and everyone should consider the different types before investing in a vape pen. Generally speaking there are two different types of vape pens which are mentioned below,

  • Mouth to lung e-cigarettes:these pens mimic the exact feeling of smoking a conventional cigarette and are widely used with tobacco e liquids.
  • Direct lung e-cigarettes:These vape pens mimic the exact feeling of smoking a hookah as it produces high amount of vapor.

Which E-Juice Is The Best For You?

E-JuiceOnce you have decided which type of vape pen calls out to you, the next step is to determine which e- juice is the best for you. We would recommend choosing a tobacco flavoured juice in the start especially for people who are shifting from traditional cigarettes as this will help them quit smoking.

Once people get used to the vaping they can then explore the different flavours out there, however be warned you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the best vape juice flavors or e-cigarette juices.

How To Maintain Your Device?

Vape pens have to be regularly maintained or these devices can malfunction at the worst possible time, however maintaining vape pens is a simple task. The core maintenance steps are mentioned below:

  • Change your coil according to the manufactures specifics
  • Clean your tank at least once every two weeks
  • Keep your batteries charged and avoid using the device when the battery is low

To learn more about vape pens or to order some eliquid for one, simply call 0161-262-0035. We at Vapoholic will happily help you with all of your vaping needs!

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