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E-Juice Flavour

Things To Consider Before Selecting An E-Juice Flavour

Selecting an e-juice flavour can be extremely difficult because of the sheer variety available in the market today.

Due to the immense popularity of vape devices many different companies have diversified into this industry and have instilled their business persona in their products. These companies keep introducing new flavours to attract end users and to target this niche effectively.

Now there are over thousands of flavours available in the market today, but choosing one at random is not recommended; this defies the purpose of the e-juice flavour. This is exactly why we at Vapoholic have articulated a list of features everyone should consider before investing in an e-juice flavour.


The very first feature that everyone should take into perspective is the price of the flavour. There are many cheap e-liquid flavours available in the market today, so people can easily find a price that encompasses their budget.

Consider visiting multiple stores or browse online websites to gain insight about the different prices brackets in the market.


As mentioned before, since vape devices have become so popular, many different companies have recently entered in the market. These companies are not abiding by regulations and are being offered at various prices, which makes it really hard to find out the credibility of the company.

We would recommend conducting as much research as possible in order to get an idea about the relevant company’s credibility and their experience in creating flavours.

Nicotine strength

Another feature that everyone should take into perspective is the concentration of nicotine present in the flavour.

The recommended dosage for heavy smokers is 24mg /ml of nicotine and light smokers should choose a flavour that has a nicotine concentration of 18mg/ml. Every flavour has the nicotine concentration clearly written on the label; some do not even have nicotine present in them.

The best e-juices out there are available with different nicotine strengths so people can easily choose a dosage that meets their needs.

Throat hit

Former smokers will not enjoy vaping if they do not get any sensation in their throats; this is exactly why this feature should be taken into perspective before investing in an e-juice flavour. Former smokers should look for higher nicotine strength in order to make sure that they feel every hit in their throats.

The flavour itself

Finally, the last feature that should be taken into consideration is the e cig liquid flavours. We recommend choosing one that you are familiar with in the start; then start experimenting with other flavours. Some of the most popular are mentioned below:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Honey
  • Water melon

This list given above is just a glimpse into the array of flavours available in the market. If you are still having trouble choosing the best flavor ejuice UK, simply call 0161-262-0035. One of our representatives from Vapoholic will gladly help you make the right choice.

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