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Simple Solutions to Prevent Your Vaporiser Tank from Leaking

There aren’t as many things as irritating as a leaking tank. Many of us find out too late that our tank has leaked out all the precious e-liquid in the our ‘vape kit bag’ or even worse, our pocket. It happens to all of us. While some of us have successfully found the solutions, many of us aren’t that lucky.

Here are a few tips that will help you stop your tank from leaking:

Fill It The Right Way

Fortunately, the most common causes of leaks are also the easiest to avoid. Even with all the warnings, it is easy for vapers to put juice down the drip tip into the chimney. This leads to all those gurgling noises.

To avoid leaks, make sure you avoid getting any juice in this compartment. Even if you do, disassemble the unit, clean it and refuel carefully. Make sure to leave behind a small air pocket in the tank to prevent any leakages.

Check The Seals

Worn out o-rings are a prominent cause of leaks. Disassemble the unit and make sure all o-rings fall perfectly in place. If they are worn out, broken or out of place the air seal is probably compromised. O-rings are really cheap and easy to replace.

At the same time, make sure the tank is fastened appropriately. Be careful not to screw it together too tight or too loose.

Keep The Tank Upright

Many modern tanks aren’t built to endure different positions for long. If you leave out your e-cigarette lying horizontally, you may notice juice leaking out later. If you are not using it for a while, make sure you leave the tank in an upright position.

Shut Off Airflow When Refilling

If the airflow is at the lowest setting, you restrict the amount of air that passed through, leading to powerful inhalations.

If you do this with aggressive force, you risk bringing the e-liquid into the atomiser and leaking out. Set the airflow to a wider setting for more air to pass through.

Clean The Tank Regularly

Many of us continue vaping for months without cleaning the tanks, this leads to several build-ups and complicated issues with the tanks. The simplest solution is to clean out the tank on weekly basis and leave it to dry out overnight. If you happen to the change the flavours often, you might require frequent cleaning.

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