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Buying Your All-Day Vape Juice Made Easy

The vaping universe bring forth a plethora of options for us vapers. The sweet, the sour, the fruity—there is practically an endless variety of e-juice flavours to pick from. While your e-cigarette probably came with a few e-liquids, by now, you’ve developed a taste for the elixir, and can’t wait to experiment. Well, experiment away! […]


Vaping Could Save Your Life

If you’re a smoker, even a “light” smoker you should know that cigarettes causes a huge amount of terrible health problems as well as 6 million deaths a year worldwide.  Even if you just smoke one or two cigarettes a day don’t fool yourself, you are putting yourself at risk.  Here are the facts: 100,000 […]

Vaping and pregnancy

Vaping During Pregnancy One of the biggest questions we get asked at Vapoholic by pregnant women is whether or not it’s safe to vape. According to the NHS, in the UK during 2015 and 2016 10.6% of women were still smoking on delivery of their newborn baby. This means that while women should be well […]

Vapoholic Vaping Is Healthier For You!

  If you’re a smoker – even just an occasional one – you are putting yourself at risk and let’s face it, it’s nothing you don’t already know about! However, there is a way out of smoking and a far healthier alternative with all the pleasure too.  Vaping has really taken off over the past […]